Led by registered dietitians and intuitive eating experts — created to give
you a safe, confidential, and judgment-free space so you can officially become a

Diet Culture Rebel® alongside like-minded people who understand.


Let’s face it — at this point, you’ve tried just about everything to control your body and ‘fix’ your food issues.

Counting calories, counting macros, the new diet fads, and the old ones, too. None of which worked. Or if they did, it certainly didn’t last. 

After years of chronic dieting, you’ve found yourself overwhelmed with guilt, self-esteem struggles, and obsessive food thoughts.

Take a breath and listen to us, Rebel:
You don’t need another diet. 

What you need is to pursue health by finally breaking the cycle of dieting that’s been controlling your life for all these years.

The Diet Culture Rebel® group coaching program is exactly how you’ll do it. Using intuitive eating practices along with other proven tools and frameworks, we help you live a healthy life where food is no longer a non-stop distraction.

The best part? You get to do it alongside people who understand and are pursuing healing too.

Does any of this sound like you?

You constantly think about food. At breakfast, you’re thinking about what you will eat at lunch. At lunch, you’re thinking about what you will eat at dinner. At dinner, you’re thinking about what you will eat the next day. 

You wake up and wonder if the day will be good or bad based on what you eat. 

You’ve thrown food away to avoid eating it and… fished it out of the trash and eaten it later. 

You HAVE to study the restaurant menu before dining out. If you don’t, you’re a hot mess express & super anxious about what you will order. 

You’ve read the Intuitive Eating book, you “get it,” but struggle to implement the

practices and principles into your everyday life. 

You’ve been on a diet or controlling your food ever since you were a teenager or child. You’ve gained & lost the same weight over & over again & are sick and tired of the yo-yo. 

You eat so “perfectly” during the day but go bananas with food in the evening, eat everything in sight & feel super guilty, embarrassed & ashamed for doing so.

You eat “perfectly” during the week, but when the weekend rolls around, you’re a hot mess

express eating anything & everything to the point of physical discomfort. 

You weigh yourself every day and have done so for YEARS. The number on the scale

dictates your mood & what you allow or don’t allow yourself to eat that day. 

You know the exact number of calories in any and all food. 

You drag yourself to the gym early in the AM, no matter how tired you are. You workout because it “feels good” but know deep down that you would be full of anxiety if you had to take an exercise break.

You’re super put off by exercise because you’ve done past programs that forced you to

workout like crazy 6-7 days a week and do crazy workouts that you actually hate. You set goals

to hit the gym but never actually go.

You can’t stand to see food left uneaten - no matter how full you are, you have to finish your food! #cleanplateclub 

You know eating more will help you break your restrict-binge cycle, but you struggle to

actually do this and are afraid to gain weight. 

You feel alone in your struggles with food and just want to eat like a normal person. 

You don’t know if you’re hungry or just thirsty. 

You’re nervous to make a change, but you know you can’t keep living the way you are around food. You know there is a better way and you desire more peace with food and your body.

Hey future Rebel.

If any of the above sounds like your relationship with food, DCR Group Coaching would be a great fit for you. You do not have to feel alone or isolated anymore - you deserve to join our safe, confidential & judgement-free community of like-minded people so you can release the control that food has over you and eat without guilt, obsession or fear of losing control.

Audrey healed from 30 years of dieting. She went from sneak eating in private on an almost daily basis and yo-yo dieting for years, to overcoming her binge eating, keeping 108 cookies in the house without it being a big deal, ditching dieting, and treating her body with the respect it deserves. Listen to Audrey's podcast episode here.

Sabrina used to eat behind people's backs, lie about what she was eating to others, and felt like she was in a constant fight or flight state every time she ate. She described her relationship with food as unstable, uncomfortable and forced. Now after healing her relationship with food, Sabrina feels excited and happy around food, stopped the sneak eating, and trusts herself around all food despite having unconditional permission to eat anything. Listen to

Sabrina's podcast episode here.

Types of results that Rebels have had:


Elizabeth went from binge eating almost every night to stopping after just a few weeks of coaching

Erin went from weighing herself every morning & feeling constantly anxious & obsessed with food for YEARS to ditching the scale and finding the joy & ease in eating again

Jade freed up mental space that used to be controlled by obsessive food thoughts & came up with an exciting business idea thanks to her newfound mental clarity!

Crystal went from binge eating and exercising as punishment on the reg to trusting her body, healing from binge eating and enjoying food again. She now has more time in her day to focus on relationships, work and life!

Stephanie went from cycling through Whole 30s, then “losing control” of her eating & being filled with shame to keeping Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, ice cream & cookies in the house at all times. She enjoys them when she wants, without bingeing or guilt!

Julia went from crying in her bedroom after bingeing to feeling like a normal person again around food.

Shelby went from a chronic dieter to someone who tries new foods on the reg, loves her body & feels more peace around food on a daily basis.

Elayna went from knowing the exact number of calories in anything & everything she ate to no longer knowing the calories in her daily eats

Bianca went from an anxious yo-yo dieter who had lost & regained the same weight year after year to respecting her body that she used to hate, honoring her hunger & fullness, & feeling totally free from foods that used to consume her thoughts.

Diane went from emotionally eating on the reg to no longer skipping meals & emotionally eating later. Now she eats what she wants, when she wants it!


"Before working with Bonnie, I had a very toxic relationship with food and my body. Food held so much power over me and I used it for comfort, stress relief, and distraction. I grew up in a smaller body, but gained significant weight towards the end of my college years. I was using food as a coping mechanism. After gaining the weight, I could feel the disappointment just radiating off of my family and I was incredibly insecure and hard on myself. The next few years, I tried every diet under the sun. At one point, I lost 50 lbs on WW and was heavily praised by friends and family, even though the program was incredibly restrictive and not something I could maintain. I couldn't enjoy myself around food and it consumed my thoughts ALL the time. And when I was being complimented on my weight loss and how great I looked, I couldn't help but think, "wow, I can only imagine how bad they thought I looked before." I quickly gained back all the weight and more, and was met with concern and more disappointment. Many failed diets later, I was beyond frustrated. I felt like something was wrong with me - why wasn't anything working? I even started seeing a therapist to try and understand why I had this negative relationship with food. Then, I randomly came across Bonnie and Diet Culture Rebel on Instagram. I'd heard of intuitive eating before, and was curious. After reading a bit more about the group coaching program, I just knew this is what I'd been looking for. Now having been through the 12-week program - I can confidently say that my relationship with food and my body is drastically improved. I now know what hunger and fullness feel like. I can listen to my body cues and do what makes me feel good. No longer restricting foods means I no longer have the desire to binge, and I find myself using food as a coping mechanism less and less. When food doesn't hold so much power over you, it doesn't give you the same relief! Understanding why diets don't work truly blew my mind. Everything Bonnie taught me makes SO much sense and I cannot stress enough how great it feels to have the knowledge around diet culture that I do now. I can actually enjoy food! I can go to parties and social events and not feel out of control around food. I can go out to eat without stressing about what I'll order. For the first time in my life, I'm excited about adding fruits and veggies to my meals because I WANT to, not because a diet is forcing me to. It's fun trying new foods and creating balanced meals - meaning CARBS AND FATS ARE OK. I can eat them without guilt, knowing that my body needs all kinds of nutrients to thrive. I focus more on ADDING foods like fruits and veggies to create more balanced meals. It's so different than before, when it was constantly "what foods should I cut out." And the community aspect to group coaching is priceless. It's so wonderful not feeling alone anymore. For anyone who has tried tons of diets with no success, who is constantly flooded with food thoughts and guilt around eating "bad" foods, this is the journey you've been wanting. This experience changed my life and relationship with food in so many ways, and I'll be forever grateful to Bonnie and her kind, shame-free, informative, gentle way of helping chronic dieters like me learn how to heal my negative food and body thoughts. Thank you forever, Bonnie!!"


"For most of my life I have struggled with binge eating, feeling out of control with food, and unable to identify my fullness cues until it was too late, and I was extremely uncomfortable. 

One of the biggest things I've noticed that has improved even in the 3-4 months after completing group coaching is being able to identify when I am full!!  I can identify the feelings of fullness, and I am more in-tune with how full/satisfied I am during a meal, and as time has progressed, it has become more automatic for me. At first, I would literally have to talk to my husband about how I was doing in the middle of a meal to really contemplate how full I was, and now it's definitely more automatic!

Along with this I have been able to stop eating when I am satisfied regardless of how much is left on my plate! I remind myself I can always take it home and eat it later as a snack or meal, so I don't feel guilty about wasting it!


Another win I've had is I have honored my cravings! I was craving Oreos for a while and finally found time to buy a package! I ate them with cold milk, it was delicious, I enjoyed every bite without a binge, and honestly haven't really craved or thought about Oreos much ever since then! 

One more thing I I should add....I also have ADHD, which I have realized I sometimes crave eating more for the stimulation than I do for actual hunger. Working on becoming an intuitive eater has definitely helped me distinguish when I am actually hungry and when I am seeking stimulation. It has also helped me not feel guilty when I do eat for stimulation because I realize I am giving my body what it needs and helping it focus. With that, I have learned better foods to munch on that can satisfy my sensory needs while also incorporating some gentle nutrition when I can! 

Group coaching, while also helping me become more in tune with my body made me realize some (or most) of the discontent I had with my body was actually because I was really unhappy/unsatisfied in other areas of my life, and after binging her podcast on a long road trip and after starting group coaching, I figured out some of the changes I needed to make to bring more fulfillment to my life! It turns out this relationship with food goes deeper than just food, but it was totally worth the work and is still helping me today, 4 months post group coaching!"


"I used to binge eat in secret and had an

unhealthy relationship with food. Before, I used to be anxious at social gatherings worried about

others judging what I was eating. I was also constantly being critical of my body and comparing myself to others.

Since working with Bonnie, I have learned to love myself more. I no longer am anxious about eating in front of others or grocery shopping. I kicked food labels to the curb. I no longer binge in secret and I am able to listen to my body and honor my hunger/fullness cues."

Listen to some of Abigail's takeaways on the Diet Culture Rebel Podcast by clicking here.

Three Pillars of DCR Group Coaching:


The way you view food and your body matters. The verbiage you use when you talk about food and your body matters. In order to truly create a peaceful relationship with food, you have to start changing your thoughts because your thoughts impact your emotions and subsequent behaviors. This allows you to stop the constant food thoughts & make food choices from a place of freedom instead of fear.

Body Respect

You don’t have to love the way your body looks to respect it. The DCR philosophy is all about

respecting your forever home: your body. Through your self-talk, food choices & movement, practicing body respect helps to repair many parts of a broken relationship with food such as

rebuilding body trust and improving your body image so you can feel at peace in your skin and eat without guilt.

Gentle Nutrition

Diet Culture has warped many of our minds with what good nutrition actually means. The DCR framework helps you unlearn diet culture

misinformation around nutrition & replace it with true, factual & sound nutrition facts. Knowing the science behind nutrition helps you align your thoughts & behaviors around food with what you know to be true so you can truly honor your body & health.

More DCR client wins:

DCR Group Coaching is for you if you...

Are ready to join a safe, confidential & judgement-free community of like-minded people who understand what you’re doing through so you no longer feel alone and isolated in your

journey to food freedom 

Are ready to eat what you want without guilt or worry

Are ready to let your hunger & fullness guide what & how much you eat 

Are ready to enjoy your favorite sweet or savory foods without fear of overeating, losing

control, emotional eating or binge eating 

Are ready to enjoy vacations without food anxiety 

Are ready to be spontaneous with food and say YES to impromptu dinners out or ice cream dates 

Are ready to trust yourself at home alone with binge foods, without bingeing 

Are ready to pursue health without a restrictive diet 

Are ready to engage in movement that feels good to YOU & take rest days when needed, without guilt

DCR Group Coaching is not for you if you...

Want to continue relying on a calorie tracker or diet plan to tell you what, when and how much to eat

Want a quick-fix plan with immediate results 

Want an intentional weight-loss program 

Have a current eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia and in need of inpatient treatment or care

How to get started:

Step 1: Apply & Join!

Apply to group coaching. If you're a good fit, you'll be invited to join!

Step 2: Support

Get support not only by Bonnie, but also her staff dietitian Angie & guest experts! We work together with a high touch support system through weekly group coaching sessions, online self-paced modules & community support via our online forum. 

Step 3: Enjoy Food Freedom

Make peace with food, pursue health without dieting, and eat without guilt, obsession, or fear of losing control!

About Group Coaching Sessions:

There are 12 weekly, 60-minute group coaching sessions. Enrolling in group coaching grants you access to attend one (1) group coaching session each week.

Can’t attend a session? All sessions are recorded & replays are sent out at the end of the week. I’ve worked with many clients who only watched the replays & still found great benefit from group coaching.

Course Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 1 - Mindset
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 2 - Reject Dieting
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 3 - Hunger
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 4 - Fullness
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Challenge the Food Police
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 6 - Make Peace With Food
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 7 - Cope With Emotions Using Kindness Part 1
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 8 - Cope With Emotions Using Kindness Part 2
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 9 - Body Image
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 10 - Exercise
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 11 - Gentle Nutrition
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Module 12 - Meal Prep Using Gentle Nutrition
Available in days
days after you enroll

More wins from DCR Group Coaching clients:

"Bonnie has been a lifesaver for me! Before I started in her group coaching, I was constantly thinking about food & what my next meal would be. Not only did my thoughts constantly revolve around what I was going to eat, but I was always trying to get in some sort of workout - I didn’t binge on my food, however, I definitely binged on getting in a workout. I would do at least 3 hours of intense exercises in a day if not more. AND if I missed a workout, I was really cranky and didn’t want to be around people. Now I can go a long time without working out and not feel guilt or shame from not working out. I also don’t reward myself with food because I’ve worked out. Now, whether I work out or not, I eat what I want. I’ve also learned to not overplay what I’m going to eat when I go out for food - if I want a salad, I get a salad; but if I want a cheeseburger and fries, I get a cheeseburger and fries. Bonnie has helped me realize how out of control I felt around food and that it doesn’t have to be this way. I can have any food in my house now and eat it if I want or not. I’ve also learned to not finish everything on my plate if I don’t like it or I’m full (before I would just eat it because I had already tracked it) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When I started, I just wanted to make peace with food, but now I’ve done so much more than that. I could honestly keep listing off the ways Bonnie and her group coaching program have helped me - it’s literally amazing to not have to worry about any of this anymore. If you’re struggling with your relationship with food, then Bonnie can help. Her program has done wonders for me and I know it will for you too!"


"Bonnie’s program was very helpful for me improving my relationship with food and overall wellbeing. It was great to be able to speak openly with others who are experiencing situations similar to mine with similar struggles in group coaching, and I always left the sessions feeling better about whatever I was going through at that time. It also helped doing the modules, because it makes you think about things and actually write down things I had not thought of about my life, viewpoints and mentality about food. It really did help me to reclaim my life and not think of food and eating as the enemy. I am so much more easy going with food and overall the program really helped me realize what ELSE is important in life, besides food and my body size. In a world so heavily influenced by diet culture, this program really jump started my knowledge and equipped me to live life with a food freedom, anti-diet mentality! "


"Bonnie's program helped me stop thinking about food 24/7. I no longer track calories or avoid certain "unhealthy" foods. I learned to listen to my body in regards to movement as well as hunger and fullness cues. I now trust myself around all kinds of foods, and do not let my life revolve around what I am going to eat."


"Working with Bonnie gave me the boost I needed to take some important steps towards food freedom. The biggest challenge I was facing was getting rid of mental restriction even after I had started allowing myself freedom with food choices. Though the support of the group calls, modules, and Bonnie I was able to make huge strides in being both physically and emotionally accepting of my relationship with food. I was also able to make some cool progress around being more intuitive with movement and detaching movement from desires for weight loss. I had a moment the other day where in conversation with my husband I said, "well, I don't have food issues anymore." I NEVER believed that is something that would come out of MY mouth. I give lots of credit to the support of Bonnie's program to getting me there!!"


"Working with Bonnie helped me eat without fear and start LIVING! I was fasting, not eating certain foods, and bingeing frequently before I started working with her. She also helped me dive deeper into some of the emotional reasons I was bingeing and developed strategies to tackle it. Working with her was life changing in such a short time. You don’t need to be stuck living in a restrict and binge cycle—there’s so much more to life!"


"Working with Bonnie changed my life. It feels amazing to finally be free from diets. I have been on diets on and off for 25 years. You name it I’ve tried it. Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Keto, macro counting, calorie counting. The diets never lasted. They would always lead to binging, giving up and feeling like a failure. Before joining Bonnie’s group coaching I spoke to my doctor about binging. Her answer was to stop eating so much at night and have more will power. I thought I was a food addict. Turns out I just needed to let my self eat what I wanted rather than what I was told to eat on the diets.

I have learned that restricting may lead to temporary weight loss, but it also leads to binging.

Since working with Bonnie and the group I have stopped binging and obsessing over what I eat. I am no longer starving. I allow myself sweets without guilt. I can keep all foods in my house without being afraid of binging on them. Bread, cookies, ice cream. Doesn’t matter because now I eat them when I want and no longer have the all or nothing, diet starts tomorrow, so let me eat it all now attitude.

Food freedom is really liberating. I’m no longer weighing out my food, planning everything I eat the day before, weighing myself every morning. In fact, I no longer weigh myself at all. It’s so nice not to let a scale decide if I’m going to have a good day or a bad day.

It’s so nice to not stress about the holiday season.

It’s so nice to bake with my son without fear of binging on the cookies.

I’ve learned there is more to focus on in life then my body and food and I know I’m a better version of me for that. "


Frequently asked questions:

How long is group coaching?

  • Group coaching is three (3) months. Think about all of the years you’ve spent dieting, stuck in diet culture or struggling with your relationship with food. It’s only natural that it takes time to heal from that.

When are group coaching sessions?

  • The next Group Coaching cohort kicks off on Tuesday, August 15th, 2023. Sessions are on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm EST and 6:30 pm EST. Our average client attends 6-9 live sessions and watches replays for sessions they have to miss.

What does group coaching include?

  • Group coaching includes weekly 60-minute group coaching sessions, 12-weeks of self-paced modules, an electronic workbook and an online community for additional support and guidance.  

Who runs group coaching?

  • Group coaching is run by Bonnie, her support dietitian, and guest experts including one weight inclusive doctor, and one body image expert.

What if I can't make the sessions?

  • No problem! Many of our clients can't attend all 12 sessions live. All sessions are recorded and replays are available for you to watch at the end of the week.

How much total time each week does the group coaching program require?

  • On average, clients spend 1-3 hours a week on live sessions and working through the self-paced modules.  

How much does group coaching cost?

  • Group coaching is $1800 if paid in full for three (3) months. Monthly installments are available for $650/month ($1950 total).

Is this a weight loss program?  

  • Group Coaching is not a weight loss program. The majority of our clients have spent years if not the majority of their lives chasing weight loss which never served them or worked longterm. For this reason, our clients find more success when the focus is not placed on weight loss. As a byproduct of healing one's relationship with food, I have clients that lose, gain or maintain their weight. Everyone is different.

Do you take insurance?  

  • I do not take insurance.

What if it doesn’t work for me?

  • This is a fear that diet culture has instilled in many people, making us believe that we are the reason why dieting hasn’t worked for us when in fact, it is the diets that haven’t worked for us. Intuitive Eating is a self-care eating framework and it is not a diet. In group coaching, I teach you how to break away from the diet mentality that makes you believe you are a failure. Yes, it can be scary to invest in yourself but you are worth it. I’ve coached over 250 people in group coaching & am confident in my approach, philosophy and coaching as a Registered Dietitian and Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor. Don’t let the fear or failure hold you back.

How do you measure progress or success?

  • At the start of group coaching, you fill out a Nutrition Assessment and an Intuitive Eating Assessment so we can pinpoint exact areas to focus on improving your relationship with food. At the end of group coaching, we reflect on goals you created for yourself, and you fill out the same Intuitive Eating Assessment form that was completed at the start of group coaching so we can celebrate specific areas in which you have improved your relationship with food. Examples of what we measure include but are not limited to improvements in giving yourself unconditional permission to eat, eating for physical rather than emotional reasons, relying on your internal hunger & satiety cues to guide what and how much to eat, and eating for health. Many of our clients walk away with less food thoughts, freed up mental space, greater flexibility with food, rebuilt body-trust, no more bingeing, kinder self-talk & improved body image & sense of self-worth to name a few.

What if I want to work with you for more than three months?

  • At the end of group coaching, we can talk about how you feel and if you’d benefit from ongoing support. Many of our clients join my Alumni program after group coaching which meets on a monthly basis.

I have an eating disorder, can I join group coaching?

  • If you have an active eating disorder such as anorexia or bulimia, group coaching is not a good fit for you. With that being said, I've worked with many clients who have a history of an eating disorder, but are at a stable place in their relationship with food where they can benefit from group coaching.

Do you offer refunds?

  • No refunds.

Hi Rebel, I’m Bonnie.

About a decade ago, I was exactly where you are. After years of food and body struggles, I finally hit ‘diet bottom.’ 

It wasn’t a perfect journey, but through my

dedication to healing and professional support, I became an intuitive eater and healed my relationship with food.

Enter Diet Culture Rebel® — the company I created to use my experience as a Registered Dietitian and Intuitive Eating Coach to help people heal their relationship with food, too!

I’m continually blown away by the transformations that take place in this group coaching program — Rebels coming together and breaking free from diet culture for good. And doing it together? Well, that makes it even more meaningful and


Hey there, I’m Angie.

After years of struggling with disordered eating habits and the influence of generational dieting, I became a mom and knew something had to change. I healed my relationship with food because I couldn't fathom passing along toxic diet culture ideas and practices to my children — and it was the best

decision I ever made.

I only wish I had a group program like this when I started my journey. The power of community support cannot be

understated and is an incredible asset to long-term healing.

I’m beyond excited to share both my expertise as a registered dietitian and my lived experience to help Rebels like you make peace with food and transform your quality of life!